Thursday, July 7, 2011

Introductions, Productions, and Pageantry Instructions

Well Hello...

... and welcome to the Miss Kentucky Almuni Blog! Does that introduction sound familiar? Well it may be slightly reminiscent of an onstage intro, but seeing as move in week for the 2011 Miss Kentucky Pageant is upon us, I figured it was only fitting. So continuing on with the introductions, you may have heard a little hustle and bustle recently about the creation of the Miss Kentucky Alumni Association. Miss Kentucky Alums are like the alums of many other Kentucky entities. Take Kentucky Basketball for example, any University of Kentucky Alum (or KY native for that matter) is a die hard, crazy, true blue wearing, Cats FAN. Miss Kentucky Alum work with the same passion, minus the basketball and jerseys plus red lipstick and rhinestones. They are dedicated, never failing in their faith in the system, ready to cheer on the next class of ladies, and of course prepared to give back to a program that has given so much to them.

With pageant week at our doorstep, I figured there was no better time to introduce the new bloggy blog... then now. In hopes that this blog may be informative for the girls who will be moving in this week, its time for some tips and tricks of preparedness for PAGEANT WEEK!

1.) There will be PRODUCTION numbers! You don't have to be a dancer to be the up there girls, but you do have to work it! Miss Diana is going to teach you all about workin' it, so don't stress. Get up there and give it all you got, if you're having a good time on stage... so will your audience!

2.) Be on time girls! If you are on time and being courtesy to the group and the volunteers you will be less stressed. Give yourself plenty of time to get ready and even try to be early, that always looks good!

3.) Dieting... you have worked to be your best physical self for months on end! Don't deprive yourself this week. You still need to eat, drink lots of water, and do a few squats here and there if you want to. But ladies  you MUST eat! It's so important to fuel your body... you will think quicker, be in a better mood, and feel good when you have food in your tummy! If you haven't gotten to your goal weight by pageant week don't try to cut weight in 3 days. See tip 1.... work what you got!

4.) Be a good sport. Part of building a legacy is being an example of class, elegancy, and poise all the time... not just at convenient times. I know as well as anyone that sometimes you need a good cry when a goal doesn't come to pass. Give yourself a moment to be sad and then get back on the horse girls! Stay positive, stay true to yourself, and give your friend a pat on the back for their successes.

5.) Nightly meetings. This was always my favorite part of the day. You're with a big group of girls, in sweatpants, eating leftovers/cereal/whatever was in the kitchen, you are rehashing the days events and preparing for those of tomorrow. This is one of those times you should sit back and enjoy. You will laugh, you will be tired, you will want to practice your talent, your walk, your onstage question, you will think back on this time during the week years from now and smile. Don't waste these moments with worry... enjoy them.

Ok lady alums... think back into your memory bank of pageant weeks of days old. What made you most prepared? What did you make sure to pack to give you motivation during the week? Your nerves are in high gear, you're excited, happy, nervous, scared, over stimulated by studying every piece of news you can get your hands on, you have run a million miles on the treadmill, lifted every weight you can find, and avoided carbs like the plague. What next? Now you're in the house with 30 other girls who (hopefully) ALLLLLL prepared just as hard as you. How do you stay stress free so that you can, not only bring your A game to the competition, but so you can also enjoy this awesome week?

I can only give you my little tid bit of advice, but hopefully other lovely alums (and alumni friends) will post comments with advice as well! To me the best way to stay stress free during this week is to remember what originally motivated you to come into the Miss Kentucky System. When you keep in your mind why you are driven toward this goal it helps you to stay true to yourself! That ladies is the best possibly thing you can do... be you. Only one girl is going to become Miss Kentucky at the end of your week, but you can build a life long friendship with every girl you meet. That's pretty priceless gals. Ultimately, the legacy of friendships that have formed among the women who are alum, and the countless volunteers and board members... gave an opening and a need for an Alumni Association.

Speaking from experience I am in the weddings of 2 Miss KYAlumies just this summer alone. Having just gotten married myself, I know how important it is to have those you love around you on this special day. When I looked around the room it was sprinkled (like glitter) with people I met and have a special bond with from the Miss Kentucky family. You ladies are about to embark upon a wonderful week. Make the most of it by bringing your best game face to the competitions and your most open heart to building friendships... That's where your legacy begins beauties.

PS... A very special and heartfelt THANK YOU to Pink Lou Lou Designs for creating this amazing blog design!

With Alum Love,